Property Developments Chongqing Tiandi

Chongqing Tiandi

Chongqing Tiandi is located at the centre of the city's Yuzhong District. Overall planning of the project was carried out by U.S. architecture and urban planning consultant Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP (SOM). The project’s creative spatial design and sustainable planning is the result of the collective efforts of a number of top designers from across the world, including Mr. Benjamin Wood, KPF from the U.S., and Ove Arup & Partners from the UK.. Amidst Chongqing's gorgeous natural landscape, they drew up meticulous blueprint for internationalized living style in the 3,537,681 sq.m. urban complex, fulfilling a variety of needs from  commercial, entertainment, shopping, to residential. Chongqing Tiandi is a multi-functional complex that includes a prestigious residential area, commercial blocks, leisure and entertainment facilities, and comprises Corporate Avenue's  5A-grade office buildings, Jialing Central Mall, Chongqing Tiandi Leisure and Entertainment Quarter, an artificial lake and wetland park, and The Riviera. By providing top quality business and residential premises for global financial institutions and commercial organisations, Chongqing Tiandi has become a unique new urban centre in Chongqing that combines world-class riverside attractions, commercial premises, and public facilities.

In 2012, Chongqing Tiandi was recognized as Chongqing International Business District (IBD) by the city's government. In 2015, Chongqing Xintiandi was officially designated as a AAAA National grade tourist attraction.  Today, Chongqing Tiandi is not only a landmark that can't be missed by both local and foreign visitors and businesspeople, but also a gathering place for people from all walks of life including corporate management, commerce, etc.

The Riviera: 1.65 million sq.m. of prestigious residential premises with a wide range of ancillary facilities, including a shopping mall, international schools and an exclusive clubhouse. The Riviera satisfies all sorts of needs, from residential, business, to entertainment, shopping, and leisure. It is home to a great number of Chongqing-based senior executives of international firms from over ten different countries.

Chongqing Tiandi Leisure and Entertainment Quarter: Designed by Mr. Benjamin Wood, the renowned U.S. urban renewal specialist who is also the design architect of Shanghai Xintiandi, the 84,000 sq.m. GFA development a perfectly blends traditional Chongqing architecture with a modern commercial style, creating an international urban cluster of business and leisure that combines culture, tourism, dining, entertainment, and arts. A sequel of Shanghai Xintiandi, Chongqing Tiandi has become a gathering point for the bourgeois, expats, international business community and luminaries.

Chongqing Tiandi Business Cluster: Located at the east-end of Chongqing Tiandi, the business cluster includes the ten office buildings of Corporate Avenue and Jialing Central Mall. The 1.25 million sq.m. GFA business cluster connects Jiahua Bridge to the east and Chongqing Tiandi Special Business Centre to the west. Tenants include international companies such as Deloitte, Schneider Electric, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, MAEVA, Currie & Brown and Palmer & Turner Group, creating a highly dynamic international business environment. Jialing Sailing International Commercial Centre is located at One Corporate Avenue and is the tallest building in the area. With a planned height of 468 m., upon completion, it will be the tallest building in Western China. This leaf-shaped skyscraper stands proudly on the shores of Jialing River, steering Western China's economic growth.

Artificial Lake and Wetlands Park: With a planned area of 270,000 sq.m. the artificial lake and greenery leisure area will be the first landscaped ecological conservation area in Chongqing. It features a unique waterscape system and a 50% sloping green lawns. In addition, there will be a dynamic musical fountain and a mega mall in the northern side of the lake, and a tranquil wetland area in the southern side.




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